Welcome to College English 152! English 152 is a comprehensive introduction to literature including the short story, drama, poetry, and the novel. You will learn to think and write critically about literature and to formulate college-level essays, short papers and ultimately a literary research paper. You will further develop your writing skills initiated in 151, such as explication, argumentation, close reading, and textual analysis. You will learn how to effectively analyze literature, to research, and to properly utilize literary criticism. This course will help you develop intellectual interpretations, and make connections between the abstract and concrete, and the general and specific through critical and inferential thinking. It will also sharpen your comparing and contrasting skills, and your ability to present persuasive arguments. Through research strategies, you will analyze the texts and incorporate other writers’ views in MLA format, which you learned in English 151

You will do several short pieces of writing, formal or informal, beyond the research paper that deal directly with the literature and the supplemental readings. You will also be asked to keep a journal in which you record academic responses to the readings. All journal entries have the same purpose: to generate thinking about the issue at hand, to prepare you to discuss the material and your ideas about it, and to provide you with foundation material for writing papers. Often, journal entries are the place where your first ideas about the issues emerge, and they can provide excellent starting material for writing more extended arguments.