College English
Journal Grading
The purpose of a journal assignment is to explore the text. This includes all assignments posted on the Wiki as well as any formal journals.
A=95: Imaginative fulfillment of assignment. Extra credit beyond the call of duty. Views forcefully expressed and well-supported with convincing specific examples. Successful use of writing structures learned in class (paragraph structure, essay structure, sentence variety). No grammar errors of any kind.
B=85: Fulfillment of assignment shows though and hard work, although not strikingly original. Views clearly expressed and supported with specific examples. Sincere effort to use writing structures learned in class. No sentence fragments, run-ons, or comma splices. Not more than three of the following grammar errors: faulty agreement of subject and verb or of apostrophe in possessive, repetition or redundancy, tortured awkwardness, spelling errors.
C=75: Effort and amount of work put into assignment enough to get by, but superficial. Views not clearly thought out and/or unsupported with specific examples. No serious attempt to use the skills learned in class. More than three grammar errors from the above list.
D=65: Barely squeezing by. All work handed in, but without any effort. Glaring ignorance or disregard of structure and grammar. Disregard of specific assignment.
F=0: No paper handed in. Plagiarism, even if you “change a few words.”