Be able to answer these for class tomorrow.

Act III, Scene 3
60. Is Desdemona's statement at III, 3, lines 20 -- 27 surprising? How will it affect the outcome of the play?
61. Why does Desdemona push so hard for Cassio to get his job back?
62. Explain the passage at III, 1, lines 75 -- 85. In what way are Othello and his wife operating at crossed purposes?
63. How does Iago manipulate Othello in the passage from line 93 -- 123?
64. How many times does Othello demand to know Iago's thoughts (or some variation on that theme) in the passage of III, 3, lines 93 -- 164? Why doesn't Iago answer him?
65. How does Iago manipulate Othello in the passage from line 124 -- 176? (Where is the first mention of "cuckoldry" in this scene?
66. How does Othello appear to escape Iago's trap in the passage lines 176 -- 192?
67. How does Iago manipulate Othello in lines 193 -- 213? Why does Othello fall for the manipulation?
68. How does Iago manipulate Othello in lines 214 -- 241?
69. At what point in the play does Iago know for sure that he's hooked Othello?
70. What are the reasons Othello believes Desdemona may have betrayed him? What does he decide to do about the betrayal?
71. Why does Emilia take Desdemona's handkerchief? What does that tell us about the relationship between Iago and his wife?
72. Why is Iago upset at Othello's reaction at lines 335 -- 370?
73. How does Iago manipulate Othello at lines 371 -- 423?
74. How does Iago manipulate Othello at lines 424 -- 476?
75. In the sequence at III, 3, lines 330 -- 370 how has Othello's attitude changed since we saw him last?
76. Explain why Othello threatens Iago at III, 3, lines 355 --379. How do you think Iago feels when he is threatened with violence?
77. Where did Iago's "dream" (III, 3, lines 407 -- 423) come from? Why did Iago select the particular details that he chose?
78. How does the relationship between Iago and Othello change in the last 30 lines of the scene? How does Shakespeare physically show the shift in power?
79. What do you think may have been going through Iago's mind when he says, at line 472, "But let her live"?
Act III, Scene 4
80. In Act III, 4, line 34, what does Othello mean by, "O, hardness to dissemble!"?
81. How does Emilia explain Othello's anger over the missing handkerchief? How effective a liar is Desdemona?
82. Is Othello's handkerchief really magic? Argue both "yes" and "no."
83. How does Iago control the communications between Othello and all the other characters? Why does Desdemona excuse her husband's anger?
84. Who is Bianca and what's her problem? What similarities does she have with Othello?

Act IV, Scene 1
85. In the first 30 lines of IV, 1, how has the relationship between Iago and Othello changed since III, 3?
86. Why does Othello lose consciousness at IV, 1, lines 35 -- 44? How does Iago explain what happened? Why?
87. Explain how Iago stages the dual, simultaneous manipulation of Cassio and Othello at IV, 1, lines 95 -- 144.
88. Do you think Iago anticipated Bianca's appearance at line 145? How is he able to use her arrival to further his deception?
89. What's different about Othello's attitude toward Desdemona lines 178 -- 210? What causes this change?
90. Explain what is happening in the sequence at IV, 1, lines 218 -- 261? Why "goats and monkeys!"
91. How does Iago manipulate Lodovico in the last 20 lines of IV, 1?
Act IV, Scene 2
92. What does Othello mean when he addresses Emilia at IV, 2, lines 27 -- 30?
93. According to Othello what's the worst part of being a cuckold?
94. Where in Act IV, 2, does Desdemona finally start to fight back? Explain her physical reaction right after Othello leaves at line 92.
95. Where in this scene does Emilia almost figure out what happened? Explain her husband's reaction to her speculations.
96. Who is the first person in the play to figure out Iago's duplicity? How is Iago able to manipulate this person, even after the truth is known?
Act IV, Scene 3
97. What is the point of Act IV, 3?
98. Explain the difference between Desdemona's and Emilia's attitudes toward adultery.
99. Explain exactly how Iago manipulates every single person who appears in this scene.
100. Explain the significance of Iago's lines at IV, 3, lines 18 --20.
101.Why does Iago accuse Bianca of complicity in the attack on Cassio? How is he able to make the case against her?