College English—Writing Rubric

A Paper

  • On top of all things, fully competent, exceptionally interesting
    Highly complex
  • Has a point to make; makes sophisticated distinctions
  • So well organized that it handles the reader in a sophisticated
  • Plays around with diction to create smart special effects
  • Grammar and Mechanics do not get noticed

B Paper:

  • Fully competent
  • Interesting, complex
  • Has a point to make, uses some complex distinctions
  • Well-organized, structure never breaks down
  • Grammar and mechanics are essentially error free
  • Diction is adequate and competent

C Paper:

  • Competent but flawed
  • Has something to say, although possibly simplistic or unclear
  • Recognizable organization, although it may be off in some parts
    (but not many)
  • Diction is adequate with occasional misuse
  • Grammar and mechanics are generally correct with minor problems

D Paper:

  • Marginally competent
  • Must have something right with it
  • Has a point, although it may not be clear
  • Attempts organization, but partially fails
  • Diction may be off
  • Grammar and mechanics may have serious problems, but ones acceptable for college students, e. g., comma splices,
    sentence fragments, or other major sentence errors

F paper:

  • Does not fulfill the assignment
  • Has no apparent point or direction; doesn't say anything.
  • Lacks any recognizable organization
  • Grammar and mechanics may be riddled with errors, often serious